Industrial Pump Manufacturer Colfax to Automate Sales Processes with BigMachines Lean Front-End® (LFE)

BigMachines’ Web-based Configurator Solution to be rolled out at the Allweiler and IMO business with tight integration to SAP and IFS Systems

BigMachines, Inc., a provider of web-based configuration and quoting software for manufacturers of complex products, announced today that Colfax Corporation, a global manufacturer of industrial pumps, has selected BigMachines' Lean Front-End(R) solution to streamline its front-end selling processes. BigMachines' Lean Front-End(SM) solution will power the Colfax Sales Office, a global platform to standardize and manage pump selection, configuration, pricing, quoting, and ordering processes across its product lines and business units. Colfax will initially implement BigMachines for its IMO and Allweiler business units, where BigMachines will integrate to Colfax's IFS and SAP ERP systems.

Colfax manufactures complex, engineered pumps at locations around the globe. The Colfax Sales Office captures the experience and knowledge of Colfax's best sales persons and engineers so their entire sales force as well as its channel partners can more easily share best practices and service customers more efficiently. By implementing a web-based front-end system, Colfax expects to improve customer service and reduce the inquiry-to-order cycle time needed to produce complex quotes and proposals, as well as to provide a robust online quoting tool for its OEMs and distributors. The BigMachines solution will enable Colfax to leverage multiple point solutions currently used to select, configure, quote, and order pumps parts and aftermarket parts.

"We're excited to be able to streamline and consolidate several manual processes and IT systems into more efficient, integrated solutions for our Colfax businesses starting at Allweiler and IMO Pump. BigMachines' proven success at driving inquiry-to-order process improvements and their ability to integrate with our SAP and IFS systems were critical factors in our decision to select BigMachines. Our primary goal is to provide more responsive customer service worldwide." said David McKinstry, Vice President of Business Development for Colfax Corporation.

Godard Abel, CEO of BigMachines, stated, "We are delighted that Colfax selected us as their partner and we look forward to working closely with them to ensure a successful implementation, resulting in a rapid ROI." Abel added, "We know Colfax prides itself on driving best practices across multiple divisions to deliver higher value to their customers. The selection of the BigMachines Lean Front-End(R) will enable them to automate several processes and utilize more real-time information, all to continuously improve relationships with their customers and distributors."

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Colfax Corporation is a leading marketer and world-class manufacturer of pump products that command sustainable competitive advantage in their respective markets. Colfax acquires and builds industrial manufacturing companies into world-class organizations, using our proprietary Colfax Business Systems management process. Colfax supplies product solutions to their customers that make the world a better place by reliably handling the most demanding fluids in critical applications where precision is mandatory and failure is not an option. As a global company, with operations spanning more than 8 countries worldwide, they operate as the Colfax Corporation. For more information, please visit

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Imo Pump is a world leader in rotary positive displacement 3-screw and gear pumps which serve critical applications in the hydrocarbon and chemical processing, crude oil transport, Navy and commercial marine, power generation, pulp and paper, and the hydraulic elevator market. Headquartered in Monroe North Carolina they serve customers worldwide. Please visit IMO Pump at

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