Breakthrough Opportuity Analysis (BOA)®

The Breakthrough Opportuity Analysis (BOA)® is a 2 day, risk free workshop helping your cross-functional team evaluate the need for business changes to improve the front-end of your enterprise. BigMachines experts, deeply experienced in lean concepts and Six Sigma techniques, work together with your management team to: (a) Identify breakthrough opportunities to reduce Selling General and Administrative (SG&A) costs and grow revenues, based on your current sales and engineering processes; (b) Outline goals and value levels of a BigMachines initiative; and (c) Determine the strategic vision, including weighing potential options, for your BigMachines implementation.

The BOA provides immediate benefit with actionable Assessment deliverables defining the issues, challenges, and direction of resolution for improving your front-end operation. These deliverables include a detailed business case and high-level implementation strategy for your BigMachines initiative. BigMachines' experts will collaborate with your team to define a phased scope of work for your unique BigMachines implementation and assess the total profit impact of a BigMachines initiative to your business. BigMachines will also confirm that the solution fits with your information technology environment and business processes. This Value Assessment provides a detailed, compelling rationale to move forward with BigMachines with reduced risk.

Review of these world-class deliverables by your executive management will ensure commitment and sponsorship before implementation begins.

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