Oracle has acquired BigMachines and on May 2nd this property will be decommissioned. Learn more about the acquisition.
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Online Demos

Watch these demos in your web browser to learn how BigMachines product configurator, quoting and proposal software can help your sales teams sell more and sell faster. If you have a CRM system such as Salesforce, Oracle CRM On Demand, or Microsoft Dynamics CRM, select the demo that shows BigMachines integration.

BigMachines Overview Demo

The BigMachines Selling Platform helps companies sell products and services faster, easier and more accurately. Most companies have sales processes that are complicated, poorly defined, time consuming and often produce inaccurate quotes. BigMachines solves those problems and accelerates revenue as your business grows.

BigMachines with Integration to Salesforce CRM

Whether you’re already taking advantage of's CRM platform or are currently in the process of exploring new tools, BigMachines can extend CRM capabilities to streamline the entire opportunity-to-quote-to-order process. Seamlessly integrated, BigMachines provides on-demand configuration, pricing & proposal capabilities within the familiar CRM interface.

BigMachines with Integration to Oracle CRM On Demand

If you're taking advantage of Oracle CRM On Demand, Oracle ERP systems, or are in the process of exploring new tools, BigMachines can extend CRM & ERP capabilities to streamline the entire opportunity-to-quote-to-order process.

BigMachines with Integration to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

BigMachines can extend CRM & ERP capabilities to streamline the entire opportunity-to-quote-to-order process whether you're already taking advantage of Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Microsoft ERP systems.

BigMachines Express for Salesforce Real-time Quotes

BigMachines Express enables users to quickly and easily select the best products and add them to sales quotes and opportunities using a powerful, intuitive selection & configuration engine. Built on, the cloud computing platform for, BigMachines Express is a natural extension of existing Salesforce functionality.

BigMachines for eCommerce

Now your customers can shop online directly from a self-service, B2B guided selling and configuration platform. It’s easy to expand your sales channels by giving your customers access to the same product catalog and configuration capabilities that you offer to your sales reps and channels.

BigMachines for Technology

There is only one constant for high-technology companies- their markets, customers, and products will change. And change fast. To compete successfully, even as technology changes quickly, industry leaders must utilize tools that are flexible enough to manage the inherent change within their business.

BigMachines for Insurance

In the business of insuring livelihoods, the cost of errors is extraordinarily high. Your customers demand fast response and 100% accuracy to ensure effective delivery and deployment of your products. In addition, your teams must quickly deliver all product and contract documentation which accurately reflects the products delivered, to ensure process and product compliance to standards.