Integrates with Over 20 ERP's
to Quickly Submit & Verify Orders

ERP Integration

Distributors, sales representatives, and even customers can submit orders online that flow automatically into your ERP or order management system. If order review or approval steps are required, they can be managed via electronic workflow.

Integrate to Your Existing ERP System

BigMachines has successfully integrated with over twenty different ERP systems including SAP, Oracle, JDEdwards, BaaN, Microsoft and many other legacy systems.

Key order execution capabilities include:

  • Generate orders in one click by converting quotes
  • Real-time submission to ERP system via ERP integration
  • Validate order data with business rules to prevent errors
  • Route orders for review & approval with automated workflow
  • Handle multiple payment types (purchase orders, credit cards, etc)
  • Manage commissions online for each order
  • Organize and view orders online
  • View a threaded transaction history online
  • Create buy and sell lists for repeat orders
  • Confirm orders electronically
  • Easily customize order forms and workflow using web admin tools
  • Change orders online with integration to your ERP system