BigMachines Simple Product Configurator Eliminates Costly Data Entry Errors

Product Configuration

Product configurators ensure accuracy and eliminate data-entry errors, while freeing your valuable product experts from answering repetitive product questions during
the sales quoting cycle.

BigMachines Product Configurator features the following capabilities:

  • Constrain options based on product compatibility rules
  • Displays price, lead time and availability in real-time
  • Promote product upsells and cross-sells through recommended options
  • Create bills-of-material (BOM) and routings based on configurator choices
  • Configure nested systems that contain multiple products and services
  • Write configurator rules with a simple, web-based Administration Interface
  • Support complex sizing calculations and engineered-option algorithms
  • Generate customer-friendly quotes & proposals based on configuration choices
  • Build drawings and CAD models dynamically based on the configurator

Ensure accuracy by constraining options based on product compatibility rules

Product Configurator

You can display price, lead time, availability and potential upsells and cross-sells in real-time. You can even build visual models of your products as you configure components and options, ensuring that your products are configured optimally.

Watch a Product Configurator Demo


What is a product configurator? View our online demo or visit the BigMachines Glossary to learn more about product configurators, online product configurators, web based product configurators, and configuration systems.