The Quoting Software that Automates
Approvals & Reduces Sales Headaches

BigMachines Sales Engine, Channel Sales Engine and eCommerce Engine include Workflow Approval to ensure 100% accurate quotes and orders and eliminate approval bottlenecks.

Route orders for review & approval with automated workflow:

  • Set up pricing and discounting rules based on multiple parameters
  • Define unique pricing and restrict access for individual users
  • Automate workflow for quote approvals, collaboration
  • Track quote history across multiple quote revisions

Approve Quotes on the Fly Via Mobile Web

Quoting Software

Automated approval and exception workflows ensure that the right subject matter experts are reviewing real-time quote and order data – and ensure compliance with the necessary SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley) and other internal controls. Your sales team will appreciate having visibility into real-time approval status. Your management and order review teams will appreciate the ability to review and approve quotes on the fly via mobile web.

Ensure That Your Quotes, Orders and Contracts
Meet All Technical and Corporate Standards

Quote Software

Use BigMachines to eliminate the need to review every quote and order by automatically routing only quotes, orders or contracts which contain non-standard terms or other customizations to selected approvers. Quotes which meet standard requirements can bypass the approval worflow based on rules defined by your organization.

Manage special pricing and approval workflows using a visual flowchart interface from within the BigMachines Admin Platform

Quote Approval

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) prompted companies across the United States to reexamine their corporate governance and financial reporting systems. Although compliance efforts regarding the sales process are often overlooked, a typical inquiry-to-order process introduces a high probability for SOX compliance issues to arise.

Manual sales processes with high levels of manual interaction are fraught with SOX compliance risk. BigMachines can assist companies in their SOX compliance efforts by providing solutions to these issues. Three areas where compliance issues often occur are customer discounts, quote/order approval, and channel discounts/promotions.

Approval Tracking for Greater Transparency

Quote Approvals BigMachines creates an electronic approval trail and records a complete quote history which enhances a company’s compliance efforts by creating an audit trail and more transparency within the financial reports.