Better Sales Analytics. Better Sales Success.

BigMachines Reporting 2.0, offering full visibility into your sales processes and channels. With better information, you can improve quote management, forecasting, and product management.

Understand your customers, your products and how well your company operates

Sales Analytics

In today's competitive market, you must understand your customers and your products. To achieve this, many companies compile available data and analyze the information from every angle using multiple software applications. BigMachines can help streamline this process by analyzing and reporting on essential sales and business data, all from the familiar BigMachines interface and in real-time to ensure that your information is always current.

Use BigMachines Reporting to generate essential reports:

Sales Reporting
  • Pipeline Reports – Stay on top of the products that have been quoted, which sales rep quoted them, and how much business will close in a given timeframe.
  • Closed/Won Reports – Identify which deals have been won, which sales reps are leading with deals closed.
  • Quote Status Reports – Learn the current stage for each sales quote and the average amount of time that quotes spend in each stage.
  • Product Feature Report – Analyze what product features are being quoted and what features are not.

BigMachines Reporting makes it easy:

  • View reports online, including auto-generated graphs to help visualize the data.
  • Download reports to Excel for easy viewing and integration with other reports.
  • Schedule reports to be run and have them delivered directly to users via email.
  • Easily select fields and enter criteria to filter report data using new drag-and-drop reporting wizard.
  • View detailed data analysis, including such granular data as products configurable attributes selected on each line item in the quote.