It All Starts with Successful Implementation

Well planned, well executed BigMachines implementation is the first step to rapid ROI and success. BigMachines utilizes a time-tested and proven 5 step implementation framework -- refined over more than a decade of real-world experience with customers around the globe. We leverage our team's prior experience with leading consulting firms and corporations such as McKinsey & Company, Accenture, Hewlett-Packard, Case Corporation and General Electric.

Implementation Designed for Success

Use of our implementation framework has resulted in hundreds of successful BigMachines implementations. Need a reference? Watch a customer video or view one of our customer case studies.

5 Step BigMachines Framework

1. Foundation

The foundation phase typically begins prior to contract signature. During the foundation phase BigMachines will work with you to gain an in-depth understanding of the project requirements and scope. This may be done either by conducting an onsite Breakthrough Opportuity Analysis (BOA)® or by conducting scoping meetings.

2. Blueprint

The Blueprint phase is the first step of the project implementation. The objective of the Blueprint phase is to design an optimal solution that meets your requirements and to fill-in all the details needed for a successful project implementation; the SOW will serve as a guide to identify items in and out of the project scope.

3. Construct

During the Construct phase, BigMachines will use its online Administration tools to configure the BigMachines platform to meet project requirements as defined and agreed to during the design step. The deliverable from the Construct phase will be a solution that meets the scope and functional requirements as defined in this SOW and as further defined during the Blueprint phase.

4. Inspect

The User Acceptance deliverable is the main focus of the Inspect phase. BigMachines will assist you in developing and rolling-out a training program for your global users and will address issues that may impede adoption.

5. Operate

The Operate phase is focused on the rollout of the BigMachines platform. The end deliverable of the Operate phase is the completed project and customer go-live.


After completing the formal implementation project, you will continue to receive support from the BigMachines Customer Service team. Support services include an online help desk where you can submit and track cases to resolution, as well as access to solutions and tips in our online forum. In addition, BigMachines will provide regular product upgrades, delivering additional capabilities and functions.