When you're in the business of saving lives, the cost of errors is extraordinarily high. Whether you're a medical device manufacturer, a PACS software provider, a DNA instrument maker, or a drug discovery lab, your customers demand fast response and 100% accuracy to ensure effective delivery and deployment of your products.

Quickly Deliver & Ensure Compliance

In addition, your teams must quickly deliver all product and contract documentation which accurately reflects the products delivered, to ensure process and product compliance to stringent regulatory standards.

Solutions for Medical Companies:

  • Product Configuration
    Flexible product configuration technology which can manage any mix of complex and simple product offerings - including hardware, software, services, and support solutions.
  • Admin Platform
    The most advanced configuration rules engine on the market- to ensure 100% accurate quotes and orders with the most flexible, user-friendly administration tools to minimize rule maintenance.
  • Workflow Approvals
    Automated approval and exception workflows, to ensure the right subject matter experts are reviewing real-time quote and order data.
  • Proposal Generation
    Complex proposal and contract generation capabilities, to ensure all necessary product datasheets and legal documentation is included in each and every proposal package- with zero time or resources required to generate the necessary documentation.
  • Channel Management
    Ability for your channel partners - VARs, distributors, etc - to self-service their own quotes and orders, freeing up your internal resources to drive more business and develop your next generation products.
  • Integration
    Proven ability to quickly integrate to the leading CRM and ERP applications, utilizing the latest web API protocols and EAI integration tools - including, Oracle CRM On Demand, SAP, Oracle, and more.
  • Reporting
    Integrated sales forecasting and pipeline management via CRM integration - across both your direct sales teams and your channel partners - enabling your sales teams to spend less time forecasting, and more time talking to customers.

Medical Customers