SAP Integration

BigMachines can greatly enhance the value of your current SAP solution. BigMachines extends SAP's native functionality by providing the following complimentary capabilities:

  • Guided selling and advanced product selection
  • Intuitive and flexible web-based sales configuration
  • Rich proposal generation tools – including datasheets, drawings, pictures, etc.
  • Ability to manage pricing and quotes across multiple sales channels and distributors

Leverage the Data and Knowledge You Already Have in Your SAP System

SAP integration is enabled through real-time web service interfaces that leverage the SAP NetWeaver™ architecture and BigMachines own web service interfaces. Additional integration capabilities are provided through BigMachines' Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) interfaces (powered by WebMethod™). WebMethods is a BigMachines business partner and has successfully deployed hundreds of SAP integrations and offers a variety of SAP adapters and interface methods.

BigMachines has Successfully Deployed a Variety of Interfaces to SAP Including:

  • Integration to SAP R/3 for single item master and customer master data
  • Seamless Inquiry-to-Order integration and automated order processing from BigMachines to R/3
  • Ability to check inventory and order status realtime in R/3
  • Integration to SAP R/3 Variant Configurator (VC)
  • Integration to SAP Internet Pricing and Configurator (IPC)
  • Integration to SAP CRM and Internet Sales Application (ISA)