Business Software

If you sell software, your assets are your people - training them, empowering them, and optimizing their time to ensure they remain laser-focused on building relationships and taking care of your customers.

Dramatically Improve Your Bottom Line.

Streamlining your sales process and eliminating non-value added activities- manual data entry & order processing, sales forecasting via spreadsheets, manual editing of contracts, SOWs, and license agreements - can make a dramatic improvement on your bottom line.

Solutions for Software Companies:

  • Product Configuration
    Flexible product configuration technology which can manage any mix of complex and simple product offerings - including hardware, software, services, and support solutions.
  • Workflow approvals
    Automated approval and exception workflows, to ensure the right subject matter experts are reviewing real-time quote and order data - and ensuring compliance with the necessary SOX and other internal controls.
  • Pricing & Quoting
    Support for complex pricing and discounting using any variety of line item and quote level calculations, including any mix of payment frequencies - upfront, one-time, monthly, quarterly, etc. All with the appropriate pricing and exception approval policy controls and integrated to your Accounting systems to aid revenue recognition.
  • Proposal Generation
    Complex proposal and contract generation capabilities, to generate all necessary Statements of Work (SOWs), license agreements, and contract Terms & Conditions with minimum effort.
  • Channel Management
    Ability for your channel partners- VARs, distributors, etc - to self-service their own quotes and orders, freeing up your internal resources to drive more business and develop your next generation products.
  • Integration
    Proven ability to quickly integrate to the leading CRM and ERP applications, utilizing the latest web API protocols and EAI integration tools - including, Oralce CRM On Demand, SAP and more.
  • Reporting
    Integrated sales forecasting and pipeline management via CRM integration - across both your direct sales teams and your channel partners - enabling your sales teams to spend less time forecasting, and more time talking to customers.

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