Testimonial Videos

BigMachines firmly believes that our success is measured by the success of our customers. What do BigMachines customers say about BigMachines? Click below to view customer and partner testimonials videos and find out.


"We have increased our adoption rate between our old quoting tool to BigMachines by 82%."

Kiersten Grey,
Red Hat

"BigMachines is the centerpiece for our CRM solution."

Jen Soule,

"BigMachines made a difference by understanding our business. They really made an effort to understand our needs..."

Jan Heiremans,

"We are seeing 50% improvement in our product penetration."

Don Stockslager,
First Data

"Our quote volume has increased by 60%. What we were able to do with just 5,000 quotes per quarter, now we are able to do with 8,000 quotes per quarter."

Kamlesh Ghandi,

"We went from about 3-7 day turn around for our customers to have access to about 30 minutes."

Patricia Rhame,
Thomson Reuters

"We are able to measure new things that we weren’t able to before. So more precision, more accountability in our pipeline and formal management with that tight integration to salesforce.com."

Trey Willis &
Brian O'Neil,

"BigMachines is very flexible and we are in a market where we have to be flexible."

Brian Barnhart,

"Our team researched probably 17 or 18 other possible tools and BigMachines was the front leader because of all of its capabilities."

Maaike Linton,

"We’re incredibly impressed with the team that has been assigned to us; from project management to the implementation engineers."

Stephanie Stoffel,

"[BigMachines manages] the 500 different terminal types and iterations of 1,000s on the pricing bundles... making it really, really simple."

Kelley Castell,
First Data

"Our order management guys say...that the number of errors is reduced dramatically."

Sergey Heyphets,
Acme Packet

"You can configure the product the way you want, and that is just impossible to automate without something like BigMachines."

Deb Weller,
Isilon Systems, Inc.

"[BigMachines] is extremely helpful... whether its consulting or just needing some extra help. It's just been a very positive relationship."

Jeannie Foster,
Fike Corporation

"We went through the BOA process, the Breakthrough Opportunity Analysis process, and that really crystalized, or solidified the problems that BigMachines could solve for us."

Ben Doyle,
Enterasys Networks

"We were looking for something that was seamless and easy to use... to cut down on the manual errors we were seeing through our traditional methods of quoting."

Jessica Hoover,
Rally Software

"We had to find a solution that was adaptable to the channels."

Bill Hein,
Williams Furnace Company

"The implementation process was short…and we did it ourselves."

John Nassar,
NTT America

"BigMachines was customer focused and were willing to go to any length to make sure that the customer was happy"

Nathan Schmid,
Ingersoll Rand

"BigMachines provided us with an organization that would work with us to understand our business."

Andrew Creathorn,
SPX Corporation


"Our clients are looking for an end to end quoting solutions across the entire spectrum."

Brice Ray-Herme,

"The revenue cycle for our clients is changing rapidly and becoming ever more complex. The functionality and capabilities BigMachines brings to the table is incredibly important for us."

Betty Watson & Mike Pearl,

"[BigMachines is] an exciting and energetic group. It’s a place that’s focused on results and positive energy. "

Craig Traxler,
EDL Consulting